Friday, May 29, 2009

Coral Reef

Hello there, My name is Mayelin (Maylean) and I know yours is Tayla. I am in 8th grade and currently a student at C I S 339.I LOVE singing, and anything that has to do with FUN. Well, I am an outgoing person, I love to have fun and chill with my friends. My friends names are Katherine, Magdalena, Divanna, Irianis, Natalie, Amanda and Bethanie. Long story short, in my AMAZING science class we are currently studying about the Coral Reef. On June 9, we have a special thing going on called DOT TO DOT. We basically have to share our projects online that we are working on for each subject with the world, when I mean the world it is literally THE WORLD. I chose to work on Mass Extinction. Mass Extinction is the process in which huge numbers of species die out suddenly. Well, Tayla it was nice "meeting you" LOL. I got to go now, take care and enjoy your days, weekends, JUST HAVE FUN.

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