Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coral Reef Organization Websites

Here are some organization websites that you can be able to check out ways to help protect the Coral Reef.
www.padl.com/aware/english/get-involved/Linkliving reef
www.aquarium coucil.org
www.green peace.org
www.ocean futures.org
www.epa.gov/global warming
www.Coral Reef Adventure/support reefs

Monday, June 1, 2009

8 Types of coral reefs

Barrier reef – a reef separated from a mainland or island shore by a deep lagoon.
patch reef – an isolated, often circular reef, usually within a lagoon or embayment.

Apron reef – a short reef resembling a fringing reef, but more sloped; extending out and downward from a point or peninsular shore.

Bank reef – a linear or semi-circular shaped-outine larger than a patch reef.

Ribbon reef – a long, narrow, somewhat winding reef, usually associated with an atoll lagoon.

Atoll reef – a more or less circular or continuous barrier reef extending all the way around a lagoon without a central island.
Table reef – an isolated reef, approaching an atoll type, but without a lagoon.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Coral Reef

Hello there, My name is Mayelin (Maylean) and I know yours is Tayla. I am in 8th grade and currently a student at C I S 339.I LOVE singing, and anything that has to do with FUN. Well, I am an outgoing person, I love to have fun and chill with my friends. My friends names are Katherine, Magdalena, Divanna, Irianis, Natalie, Amanda and Bethanie. Long story short, in my AMAZING science class we are currently studying about the Coral Reef. On June 9, we have a special thing going on called DOT TO DOT. We basically have to share our projects online that we are working on for each subject with the world, when I mean the world it is literally THE WORLD. I chose to work on Mass Extinction. Mass Extinction is the process in which huge numbers of species die out suddenly. Well, Tayla it was nice "meeting you" LOL. I got to go now, take care and enjoy your days, weekends, JUST HAVE FUN.

Coral Reef

Hi, Zach. My name is Rotceh(row-c). I am a thirteen year old girl, who goes to C.I.S.339, Bronx N.Y. I am Puerto Rican. I like to play baseball, basketball, and video games too. I also love to draw cartoons, it's so much fun., and read. You should really read Twilight and should try drawing too. My teacher, Mrs. Johnson, also taught us about inveterbrae. Wow, I never saw the brittle star before. In our school, we are doing a science project about coral reef for Dot to Dot. In my other classes, we are all doing different projects also. Have you heard about Dot to Dot?

Coral Reef

Hiii Jake :) My name is Carolina and I live in New York. I am 14 years old, I attend C.I.S 339 and my science teacher is Ms.Johnson. She has taught me a lot about coral reefs and she is a great teacher. I like writing and reading and boys and hanging out with my friends. My favorite colour is purple, I don't really play any sports but I like watching other people play lol. Me and my friends are doing a project about coral reefs, we have to make them using materials like coal, sponges and food coloring. I hope it turns out good.I think that the animal your doing is really cool! (I never knew an octopus could kill 27 people. that's awesome).

-hope to hear from you soon :) xoxo -Carolina.

The coral reef

Hey Kelsey my name is Dashani. I am Puerto Rican. I live in New York and I am 13 years old .I also like reading books.My favorite book is Twilight and the three sequel. I play a lot of sports, like baseball,basketball,soccer,track etc. I go to C.I.S.339 I'm also in the 8th grade, and some of my favorite subjects in school are math and science. My science teacher is named Ms.Johnson and she's the person that taught me ever thing I need to know about coral reef's. On weekends, I also like hanging out with my friends and I also just like to chill at home. Me and my friends are doing a project that we can really make a coral reef's. So I'm pretty excited to do that. Over here in New York it is also starting to get hot. So I'm really looking to keep talking to you.

Coral Reef

Hey Robert, my name is Tiffany. I'm 13 years old. I live in New York. It's also kind of hot here too, but lately it's been raining. My favorite movie is Big Stan. My favorite shows are Supernatural, Smallville, Heroes, and How i met your mother. My science teacher's name is Ms. Johnson. Our class is kind of fun, only when I'm interested in the topic. During, this unit we've been learning about Coral Reefs. My friends and I are trying to make an experiment to create a coral reef, for a science project. I hope it works. So how's school for you?